I very vividly remember New Year's resolutions being a big deal to all of my friends when I was younger. But lately, everyone I ask seems completely done with New Year's rezzies. This leaves me wondering is it even still a thing?

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It's not a new trend or anything either. Romans began every year making promises to the god Janus, who's the reason we have January. Medieval knights used to take the peacock vow to show their commitment to the ideal of chivalry at the end of the Christmas season every year.

But I have a weird feeling that this tradition may soon be coming to an end. Everyone seems to be focused on self-wellness throughout the year, so maybe the idea of one day to make a promise to yourself is kind of antiquated. I want to know what you think and what New Year's resolution is going to be. Here are a couple of choices that I'm thinking about to improve my life, well sort of.

1. Stop Smoking (Cigarettes)
2. Exercise more
3. Get a girlfriend
4. Develop better sleep habits
5. Rule the world

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