Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has recently been going through divorce proceedings with his wife Jessica Nicole Scantlin, but the soon-to-be ex-wife has taken the divorce to the next level. Despite having signed a prenuptial agreement, Jessica Scantlin is attempting to get the prenup thrown out.

We reported on Wes Scantlin’s filing of divorce papers in November of last year at the L.A. County Superior Court. Having been married for four years, Scantlin’s wife served as Wes’ muse for many years, providing the inspiration for many Puddle of Mudd songs. Jessica just filed the legal documents in an attempt to acquire half of the money that the Puddle of Mudd frontman accrued during their marriage.

Additionally, the future ex-wife “will seek for the premarital agreement to either be set aside on the grounds that it is either unenforceable or she was coerced into executing it.” She will ask the court to grant her one-half interest of all past, present and future revenues generated from the music Wes composed during their courtship.

Wes Scantlin has found himself in a mess of problems recently, including reportedly owing $60,000 in back taxes and being arrested for possession of “pills and powder” of some kind.

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