Just last weekend on Saturday, October 5 Gabriel Iglesias held a benefit show for the Walmart victims. During his time on stage, he had mentioned that he spent time to himself and canceled his national tour. He was performing in Dallas in 2017 where he had a breakdown on stage and after that show canceled the remainder of shows. No one was ever really sure about why he had canceled the remainder of his tour.

That answer finally became clear to his fans in El Paso when he announced his reasoning. Gabriel Iglesias told all of us in the audience that he is no longer with his son's mom. But despite the split, Gabriel Iglesias is still being a father figure to his step-son Frankie. He also mentioned how he has no intention of speaking negatively about his ex. He did take some time to himself to work on his feelings and more importantly his health. But to the few that clapped at the benefit show when Gabriel was pouring his heart out to us, shame on you. Now I am sure a lot of ladies are excited about Gabriel Iglesias being back on the market.

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