Now that Ash Wednesday has arrived, some Catholics are planning to get their ashes. Lately, during the pandemic, the church capacity hasn't been as full as it was before it started. There are some catholics that still don't feel quite safe getting their ashes in person.

It is totally understanding that some don't feel comfortable due to the worry of possibly catching Covid-19. But in a recent news report by KTSM News Channel 9 Ash Wednesday will be handled a little differently this year. If you've gotten your ashes before then you know priests will either make skin-to-skin contact by placing ashes on your forehead or touching your scalp.

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But due to social distancing and Covid-19, there will be absolutely NO touching whatsoever. This means priests in El Paso will be using a different technique to ash you. Bishop Mark Seitz of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso mentioned how catholics will be receiving their ashes today. Instead of the usual forehead or scalp action this time it will be a quick sprinkle of ashes over your head.

Thinking about this new technique had me picturing a Priest sort of giving the ashes like "Salt Bae" whom everyone knows about or should at least.

If you don't "Salt Bae" aka Nusret Gökçe is the famous man known for sprinkling some salt on his food in a unique way that blew him up. Steak Videos made a compilation video of "Salt Bae" preparing food, cooking, and even his fashionable way of sprinkling some salt above.

So if you're wondering how exactly they're going about ashes, there won't be any physical contact.

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