It's hard as it is being pregnant and to top it off having to get your belongings back from a thief is harder! This pregnant woman was NOT having it when she caught this man going through her purse.

FoxNews had the chance to catch up with Braswell about what had just happened a while ago. This woman in North Carolina ran over an alleged purse thief in the parking lot of Wal Mart. Luckily someone was at a close enough distance to record the whole situation of Christine Braswell accelerating towards Robert Raines. Both were taken into custody and Christine is facing an assault with a deadly weapon. It sucks that at 5 months pregnant she had to go through a traumatic experience like that. It is irritating that even the bad criminals manage to land a good person behind bars for their stupid actions! Hopefully Raines learned his lesson and won't try and pull this stupid stunt again.

This definitely should show you not to underestimate a pregnant woman ever again!

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