The popular Foodies of El Paso Facebook group is in the running for the Facebook Community Awards. Find out how you can help them win.

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El Paso is known for lots of great things, and one of the best things is all the delicious food. People love to discover new restaurants, food trucks, dive bars, and more and there's one El Paso Facebook group that brings together all the Foodies in the Borderland. The Foodies of El Paso, Tx. and Surrounding Areas has a long name, but plenty of great knowledge of the local cuisine.

The Foodies of El Paso Facebook group was the brainchild of Taylor Shabazz, a military wife at Fort Bliss who wanted to find out more about the El Paso food scene. Since its inception back in 2016, the Foodies of El Paso group has grown to over 50,000 dedicated members sharing their photos, videos, opinions, and recommendations for food lovers all over the Borderland. The group has blown up on the social media platform thanks to so many members showing off their photos, videos, and highlighting small businesses that even locals haven't come across yet. The thing that brings everyone in the group together is the love of El Paso's food scene.

The group is so well-known and recognized that the Foodies of El Paso are now in the running for the first-ever Facebook Community Awards. The social media platform is using the awards as a new way to boost positive contributions in groups, according to Social Media Today. You can vote for the Foodies of El Paso Facebook group by joining thr group then voting for them through the hashtag #LoveThisGroup in the Local Category. Voting if from now until October 22nd and the winners will be announced on November 4th.

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