Bathroom etiquette shouldn't be restricted to just your throne at home. Whether it's your workplace, friend's house, or God forbid a gas station bathroom, the rules still apply so why the refresher course. Like most of you, it happens. You hold it as long as you can, cause lets face it going at home is the ideal place. So why do all the rules of common courtesy go down the toilet! Walking into a room with the remnants of last nights dinner floating airborne is disgusting. Just because the sign above the toilet says, step up to the bowl partner and make it a double, doesn't constitute them hanging around! Problem solved with a simple courtesy flush. Easy enough right? Wrong. Not sure where this lever is, it's the one over your right shoulder, or above the toilet.

  1. Obviously, if not in the comfort of your own home, pick the cleanest commode.
  2. The toilet seat covers are there for a reason, cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  3. If your a moaner or grunt while getting business done, a proctologist visit is your near future.
  4. Last but certainly not least those hands need some deep cleaning. (Don't need to be anymore direct!)

The sanitary system has even evolved to where you don't even have to physically touch anything. Now of course I know it's motion detected but come on you're smart enough you made it this far in life. Help us out guys and gals, do us and yourself a favor - Flush!!

Seriously about that proctologist stuff, take care of that chocolate starfish:


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