Now this bathroom peeking prank is okay but definitely NOT okay for the Cielo Vista bathroom camera man. This prank that happened to the men didn't offend them one bit which you will see why.

YesFunnyYes were curious as to who would walk out, take forever or let hell break loose. All the men in the video above one of those but none threw a big tantrum about this prank. I think what gives this video an extra kick of funny is the womens facial reactions on the screen as if they actually see the mens body part. One particular man tried his best to just go with the flow but after sixteen seconds of trying, he finally threw in the towel. Another guy actually thought someone would allow ladies to actually view the mens restroom and gave her the call me signal! Now it seems to me like the ladies were trying to get the men to do something else other than going number one.

This prank will NEVER happen in El Paso BUT unfortunately did occur with some women that was NOT a prank.

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