When you think of iconic malls in El Paso, Texas; Bassett Center & Sunland Park Mall (now the Shoppes at Solana) come to mind. Real ones will definitely remember the Northpark Mall in the Northeast.

But without a doubt, the Cielo Vista Mall definitely ranks highly in the eyes of people here in El Paso since 1974 (Fun fact it's the only place in Texas you can find Sears). And throughout its time, there have been many, many stores that are sadly no longer around.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What are some stores that used to be at Cielo Vista mall?

My personal collection, I definitely remember the KB toys on the second floor; right before you had hit the food court. As a kid that was definitely my go to place whenever my parents would take me.

I know I’m not the only one who has fond memories of Cielo Vista; the El Paso History Alliance page on Facebook uploaded this historic photo from 1986. You can see a Burts & J. Harris & you can't ignore that giant plane from the ceiling.

In addition to many stores that were there, there was even a movie theater; the General Cinema Cielo Vista Mall. Shout out to the El Paso subreddit for this blast from the past.


Do you remember General Cinema Cielo Vista Mall 3 (1974-1998) and it’s located inside the Cielo Vista Mall. I don’t know where inside that mall or what store took it’s place after the closure.
byu/DanielVasquez2000 inElPaso

And even an arcade, the old Aladdin's Castle arcade.

Mark Perea
Mark Perea

I also know I’m not the only one here that has fond memories of stores that are no longer at the Ciel mall. For example, Joanna Barba still misses the old Anchor Blue store..

She wasn’t the only one. Many of you shared your personal favorite stores that are no longer there so why don’t we go down memory lane and take a look at some of YOUR responses.

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