The chaos that had officers rushing to Cielo Vista Mall, and had many El Pasoan's on social media claiming shots fired, was all captured on video. The video of YouTube star Danny Duncan and his visit to El Paso is finally out- and it tells his side of the story... kind of.

In his new video "I Drove a Tank!", Duncan's trip through Texas is scaled down to a twelve minute video. In the first three minutes, what went down at Cielo Vista that day is shown, as well as some of the aftermath.

In the video above, Duncan goes to the Zumiez store to buy his merch for his fans. While in the back of the store talking to employees, he says that he didn't know that many people were going to show up, and that's when the chaos ensues.

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In the video, Duncan is confused as to why everyone is running, while he's escorted out, someone mentions that there was a gun. Of course, we all now know that wasn't true. Duncan's video has footage of the news in EP that day, but other than that, no other explanation was given.

El Paso Police confirmed that there were no shots fired and no one was in grave danger. Duncan took to Twitter to clear up any confusion:

While the video may show that Duncan wasn't pulling a prank, El Paso police do say they're investigating the event:

Was it an overreaction to have law enforcement show up? I don't think so. Does El Paso not know how to act when a celebrity shows up? Definitely. However, we are still dealing with the aftermath of a tragic shooting, seeing hoards of people running like that in the mall could have caused a panic. Either way, no one seemed to be seriously injured.

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