Ever seen a politician form a rock band? Me neither? That's where I (personally) draw the line. I like my rock fun and uninhibited, with no strings attached. Complicating what is looked at as fun rebellious rock; has been reduced to thinking rock? Who want's that?

The image of President Trump rocking a three and a half minute classic could be like watching one of his press conferences. Full of mishap's that would later be deemed as  "fake". I like my rock like I like my wife, ready to go at a minutes notice! Nothing fake there my friends!!

Hopefully with all the crap being slung in the news these days, it won't infect our rock! Who knows could you imagine for a moment Sarah Palin cranking out a Halestorm tune "Love Bites" well that would definitely be visible from Russia! Keep rock and politics where it should be, nowhere near Washington unless Guns N' Rose's is there to rock, "Paradise City"!!!

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