Did you know that the Plaza Theatre Downtown and the UTEP campus are both home to some very adorable felines? Well, they are!

What Is Miner Pick-Catz?

I was already aware of the cats on the UTEP campus thanks to the Instagram account @MinerPickCatz. Miner Pick-Catz (get it, instead of "pick axe"?) is a group operating to facilitate the well-being of the UTEP campus feral cats by feeding and caring for them, as well as educating the campus and community on how to care for their feral feline friends.

All students, faculty, staff, and even alumni can join the MPC and if you're interested in learning how you can help, you can reach out to them through their Instagram, where you can also find their Amazon wishlist. Just look at these adorable kitties that are living at the UTEP campus!

How purrfect are they?

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Who is the Plaza Theatre Cat?

Most recently I found out that a beautiful gray tabby is a friend of the Plaza Theatre and his name is Greg. Or Ralph?

El Paso Live
El Paso Live

It seems as though he goes by different names according to this post from @ElPasoLive:

Apparently he goes by both Greg and Ralph- some even call him "Hamborgueso" or "Max" and even "Jacinto"! I'm sure he'll respond to anything as long as you have a treat for him!

Next time you see some of these cuties while you're downtown or at the UTEP campus, remember to be kind to them! Also, tell them I said "pss pss pss"!

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