Imagine spending a f**k ton of money on something that is permanent but isn't done correctly? This woman took a quick video of her butt implants that shouldn't do what they did in the video.

The source Renee Talley explained why women should not get silicone butt injections or butt implants and we can see why. This woman shows off her not so much of a show off tush and the problem with her behind. When you have this procedure done, you're risking displacement of the implant (as above) and an infection. Your best bet to owning a nice tush would be to start a work out plan that focuses on that specific area without needles. Hopefully this will show you the negatives about going under the knife just when you probably won't have positive results.

In case you're planning on having some plastic surgery done, just don't do it and know you're loved for exactly how you are!

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