In a spectacular demonstration of human will and determination, Cornel Hrisca-Munn has not allowed his physical challenges to prevent him from pursuing his ambitions. Born without forearms and only one functioning leg, Hrisca-Munn, who labels himself as a 'disabled drummer,' mans the sticks in an incredible performance of the Foo Fighters classic 'Everlong.'

In the video above, as reported by Gawker, Hrisca-Munn is sonically indiscernible from any other skilled drummer out there. The sticks are merely any extension of his extremities just like any other drummer, but watching him will leave you speechless. His fills are tight and he plays with feeling and intensity.

Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl is an outspoken advocate of the pursuit of musicianship with emotion and impact and following your dreams, which is all embodied in this one cover by a talented man.

If Hrisca-Munn's drumming wasn't impressive enough, he's also an accomplished swimmer. The Romanian orphan, who was not even issued a birth certificate and left to die because of his deformities, managed to stay alive on a low caloric intake. A British doctor who was part of an aid project noticed him at 7-months-old and took him in. His life has been all about defying the odds, and this drum cover is just another notch in his belt.

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