Drummers are usually positioned in the back for concerts but finally have the spotlight on them today. It is National Hug A Drummer today and glad they're finally getting the recognition they deserve. There are a lot of drummers that are hardworking, skilled, and underappreciated. I would like to send a hug (electronically) to all the drummers that continue to work so hard. Even though it may not seem like it drummers are the foundation of the band.

I hope and pray one day I can actually give a physical hug to the drummer Abe Cunningham of the Deftones. Above, you will see the camera focused on just him drumming away. The cool thing for drummers is how much of a workout drumming can be. Not only that, it is said that playing drums can actually reduce stress. If you have frustration or disappoint they say to resort to playing drums to help. I send hugs to all you drummers and Abe Cunningham electronically on National Hug A Drummer Day.

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