A lot of us know El Paso is full of talented artists that help make El Paso look even better. Before I have shared about different artists around the borderland after seeing their art on UrbanArt915's Instagram page. There are other people who follow that page for the same reason I do which is because we love seeing new art come about.

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There are some people in El Paso who have Cinderella's Fairy Godmother's powers that can do quite the transformation on something so ordinary. It can be a plain white wall to a simple form of rock that some people have fun kicking around.

While most people's first reaction when they see the rock is to kick it not pick it but not for one lady in El Paso. Diana Gibson shared her creativity skills on an El Paso Rocks! Facebook page.

Now if your hobby includes painting rocks then you know all about transforming something from plain to magnificent. El Paso Rocks! Facebook page allows people to share the beautiful rock designs they create.

After scrolling through the pictures people shared clearly shows they let their imagination run wild. But there was one particular rock that caught the attention of so many people.

Before leaving El Paso Diana Gibson transformed a rock from boring to marvelous. Another familiar artist Toni Ortiz was Diana Gibson's inspiration to take what he did except on a small rock with her unique touch.

Diana Gibson mentioned before jetting El Paso she left behind the El Paso rock she made for one lucky person to find and keep. Someone probably already picked it up by now but from the picture, it is hard to tell where it was left. Now I am sure this is the kind of rock anyone would want to take home and keep in a safe place.

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