Just recently word got out about Keanu Reeves that upset many ladies all over the world. Keanu Reeves is officially off the market and is happily taken by an artist, Alexandra Grant. Keanu Reeves has been through so much in life and finally happy to see he is happy. Since the news broke out there has been a lot of congratulating towards Keanu Reeves for his age-appropriate girlfriend. Seeing the photos of them together you would think Alexandra Grant is the cougar when in reality, she isn't.

Alexandra Grant is 46 years old while Keanu Reeves is 55 making their age difference about 9 years. You hear about other actors and actresses dating someone really young with a huge age gap difference. Of course, everyone knows not to date someone who is the legal age and not a minor. Me personally, I don't and have never liked dating someone younger than me. I rather date someone who is older than me but not someone who shares the same age as my dad. How do you feel about the age when it comes down to dating? Take the poll below.

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