This San Antonio barber Rob 'The Original'  is known for shaving off a work of art from your hair. In fact, Rob loves art so much he has been known for transforming your hair on the floor into art too!

Rob 'The Original' has had many accomplishments like being a guest artist on The Queen Latifah ShowESPN's Sports Center, and more to name! The video above will not only impress you but also explain how he's gained certain accomplishments. Most barbers usually just toss out the detached hair from the scalp but NOT Rob. He recorded himself one day on the floor turning a pile of hair into a portrait. After reading more about him, he can also turn salt, tortillas, and dust on cars into art! I would definitely shave off some hair if Rob was the man to do it!

If you're looking into getting a portrait done on your scalp, Rob is your man!

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