This New Year's Eve, since I don't have any plans, I'm going to spend my end of the year with you! I'll be playing what YOU want to hear for your New Year's Eve party, giving shout-outs to you, and making sure you have a rockin' New Year's Party!

Request songs you want to hear at your party, hell, request double or triple-shots you want to hear! Tell me about your party and celebrate the New Year with all of El Paso!

I'm also going to give you the chance to make out with a bunch of people to start the New Year off right.

Every continental time zone for the U.S. (Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific), we're going to count down the dropping of the balls!

JW Goldschlager
Okay, so I'm getting started a little early.

There's will be a lot of balls coming down this New Year's Eve! Pick someone hot to stand with just before 10p, 11p, Midnight and 1am, and make out like a bandit! You have to start the New Year with a little making out, right?

Try not to get caught by your significant other, though.

Don't forget to be safe, and have a designated driver. We want you to be around for next year's big party, too!

JW Drinking
...okay, a LOT early.

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