Ozzy has gone through a few guitarists over the years ... and they've all been bad-asses!!

The recent reissues of material from the Rhoads years got me thinking about all Ozzys past accomplices.

Beginning with Tony Iommi, through the Randy Rhoads years and up to present day axe man Gus G; he's played with some of the best!!

Some might surprise you!  Steve Vai?  Jerry Cantrell?  Yep!!  Among others! Click on the link to see the Ozzy roster and to check out a few video clips of some of the guys that have kept the crazy train rolling >>>> gibson.com

So ....... who was the best??  I still lean toward the man that started it all with Ozzy and reshaped guitar ... and rock/heavy metal ... as well as Ozzy himself!  Randy Rhoads.

Who's got your vote??