*UPDATE* as of Monday, February 15, The Backyard has postponed their presentation of El Paso's hottest Only Fans women due to bad weather. Be sure to keep checking in for an updated time and date to catch El Paso's Only Fans women here.

Durning the coronavirus pandemic, many people turned to OnlyFans, a platform that allows users to post content available only to their subscribers. This platform is being utilized by those who may find themselves unemployed and in need of creative ways to generate revenue.

Recently an El Pasoan shared her story about becoming an OnlyFans content creator and how it has helped not only generate revenue but free her from her corporate job.

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As many more people accept OnlyFans as a credible way to make some money, many businesses are embracing the hype of it. Just in time for Mardi Gras, The Backyard is planning a COVID-19 safe way to celebrate Mardi Gras with some OnlyFans females.

There are a variety of beautiful women you can count on seeing at The Backyard on Mardi Gras. There will be more than a handful of ladies from Only Fans that you can admire from afar. There will be 10 stunning ladies from Only Fans that will be entertaining the guests. One of the leading ladies goes by BadGirLindsey who is a local bartender at an Eastside bar. Now next in line is FritosDoritos another Only Fans member who enjoys listening to Morbid podcasts during her free time and having a let's talk session on her Instagram.

Next up is Lulu_bug0123 who is a free spirit and lives life to the fullest. Next up is KarlaPradaBabe that works the nightlife scene to provide for her precious cargo, her son. Moving to our next entertainer is Vbarriga25 that has a deep love for her dog Rex and shooting some hoops on the basketball court. Wrapping up the list of leading ladies is Shayy.e that enjoys the outdoors and the sun rays when she's out and about. These beautiful ladies will be ringing in Mardi Gras at The Backyard that is next to Desert Warriors Paintball behind Valeros.

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