If you ever found yourself feeling like getting to I-10 from the airport is mostly a case of life in the slow lane your suspicions have been confirmed.

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute just released its 2021 rankings of the 100 Most Congested Road Sections in Texas and Airway on El Paso’s eastside made the list.

According to the study, the roughly 10 mile stretch of road from where Airway Blvd begins to the Gateway and/or I-10 is the 73rd most delay-prone in the state.

Per the data, peak time congestion adds 3 minutes to a trip based on a 20-minute trip in light traffic.


While heavy traffic on Airway or any road in El Paso can be an inconvenience on a good day and a beat-down on a bad one, I'll take our bumper-to-bumper traffic any day compared to the congestion drivers face in the other major cities in Texas.

With only a handful of exceptions, the majority of the 100 most congested roads on the list are in the four largest metro areas of the state: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Top Ten Most Congested Roadways in El Paso


#73 from Airport Rd/Airway Blvd to Gateway Blvd/I-10
#187 from Montana Ave to Gateway Blvd/I-10
#194 from N. Mesa St to the Patriot Fwy
#197 from Viscount Blvd to Lee Trevino Dr
#209 from Montana Ave to N Loop Dr
#214 from Joe Battle Blvd to Montana Ave
#215 from N. Loop Dr to I-10
#232 from Executive Center Blvd to Texas Ave
#258 from Patriot Fwy/US 54 to Hawkins Blvd
#273 from Joe Battle Blvd to N Zaragosa Rd

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