At El Paso roundabouts and other roadways, its common for the City of El Paso to choose an artist to create something that will help beautify the area. Unfortunately, the City of El Paso has chosen some artwork where the beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

When the art installation went up on I-10 off Airway, many residents were confused about what they were but some did enjoy the fact that the art display lit up and moved. Sadly, after that, we found out that the art pieces were breaking down and the part alone to fix was $3,000 not including labor per KFOX.

There was also the Cloud artwork at UTEP, the median artwork on Airway, and other various art projects that the City of El Paso has been investing in. The newest piece of art that people are discussing is located at the roundabout in the Upper Valley at Country Club Road. The artwork was created by El Paso artist Laura Turón and is scheduled to be completed soon.

According to the El Paso Times, the artwork is "inspired by the importance of water to the community and how water unites neighborhoods and members of the community." But many residents don't get it and think the artwork is more of an eyesore.

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While I understand some people might not get the artwork, the fact is the community had a chance to voice their opinions. The City of El Paso held a community meeting to discuss the artwork that was going to be placed in that area back on September 3rd, 2020. If people had issue with the artwork, this meeting would have been the place to go and voice those opinions and give advice on what they though should have gone in that intersection instead.

Now, the artwork is almost completely finished so I don't think there's any way the city is going to be removing or replacing the artwork from that area, but next time hopefully people show up to the meeting and let the City of El Paso know what they consider artwork to be.

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