We got a lot of rain last month. Like, an inordinate amount of rain for El Paso. For some reason, our city has roads that are not rain-resistant. If we get too much rain the roads just break apart. I suppose there’s some kind of “rain-proof” road option available…otherwise, how could rainy cities like Seattle or London even exist? Not El Paso Texas, though. El Paso has roads made out of confectioners’ sugar, apparently.

Here’s the really weird thing, though: the city “repaired” the road already. Specifically, they’ve had crews out working on Mesa out in front of the KLAQ studios. We had to take alternate routes for about 5 days because Mesa was literally shut down for repairs.

In this video I’m going to recreate my drive to and from work. I’m going to drive at a moderate, law-abiding rate of speed and let you see for yourself how jacked up the roads are. Jeeesh!

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Also…why is there loose gravel all over the road? Was that left from the rain damage or was it left from the repair effort itself?

El Pasoans, I’m sure you’ve got road damage like this in whatever part of town you live in. But is it this bad AFTER they had repair crews out shutting down the road?

The intersection in the video is the corner of Mesa and Executive, a pretty freaking busy intersection on the Westside. That turn-around is the one I have to take every…single…day to get to work.

The blacktop in the MIDDLE of the street looks great! But did the city forget about the intersections??

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