It's summertime, schools are out, and I asked the people, "What are the MOST annoying El Paso traffic habits?"

Several interesting responses were posted on our Facebook page, but here are the 10 MOST annoying habits according to the KLAQ Facebook comment section.  Which is basically a bunch of El Paso drivers.

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1. Slow Drivers

Slow drivers in the left passing lane and being on their phones while driving. - April Wheeler

2. Flow of Traffic

No one follows the flow of traffic and people expect the freeway to stop so they can merge from the on-ramp. Those are the first 2 that pop into my head. - Jesús Armando Herrera

3. Left Lane = PASSING Lane

Self-entitlement And the left lane campers. And no it’s not a fast lane it’s a PASSING LANE. - Serge Flores Silva

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

4. Speed and Switching DON'T Mix

They speed up when you are trying to switch lanes. Or they don’t let you in the next lane. - Jackie Blancas

5. Using the Cars Blinker Function

Running out of blinker fluid and not refilling it regularly. - Rei Toonz Lujan

6. Drivers Cutting the Line

When there is a sign posted for miles saying that a lane is closed up ahead and they don't want to wait in line, go to the front of the closed lane, and expect you to let them in. - Veronica Vasquez

Veronica G.
Veronica G.

7. Yield Signs Mean Yield

Stopping at YIELD signs when there is no oncoming traffic. - Gynarchy Love

8. Car Light High Beams

Wtf is wrong with ppl driving with their high beams on at all times?? It’s unsafe you morons. - Francisco Aguirre

9. Merging into Traffic: The Artform

If you're merging then speed up to the traffic's speed. Very simple. Merging at 45 mph when the traffic is going 60 or so is ridiculous and dangerous. - Kevin Halicki

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

10. Slow Traffic? Rubberneck Much?

...Seeing slow traffic backup for miles and then you finally get to where you think an accident happened and nothing ... Go faster people. - Oscar Maldonado

Do you agree with this list?

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