It's something that I'm sure anyone who has seen the movie Final Destination 2 has been worried about. I know it's been on my mind since I saw it in 2003! And now, one poor El Pasoan has actually experienced it- and lived to tell the tale!

I'm talking about that logging truck scene in Final Destination 2, the scene that induced fear in everyone who found themselves behind a logging truck, I mean we're in El Paso and that is kind of rare, but still!

I know you remember this scene- I'll share the clip below, but be advised it is brutal!

Unfortunately, one woman experienced this exact scenario while driving on I-10 east. She survived and got away with minor injuries, however, I feel like her situation was much worse because it wasn't logs, it was an "unsecured hunk of metal" that fell off a truck and impaled her windshield!

She's okay, but the pictures are enough to scare the daylights out of you. Our very own TMZ, FitFam, shared the photos on their Instagram page that has already gotten over 31,000 likes and over 700 comments! Scroll through the photos below!

Many in the comments shared their similar fears all having to do with the movie! One user shared:

That is why I’m so nervous driving behind anything like that. Final Destination condition me to think the worst is going to happen.

Well, we certainly send our well wishes out to this El Paso woman and hope she has a speedy recovery, as well as good insurance to take care of her, what I think is, really cool looking car!

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