Last week, the El Paso Police Department put this out on their Twitter:

I guess the cops were getting calls about this…individual.

You know the old, “If you see something, SAY something” advice?

That sounds like what people who reported this…person…were doing.

Hey, there’s a dude walking around with what looks like an AR, a belt for extra ammo, possibly a bulletproof vest, and what appears to be EAR PROTECTION! Oh, you can’t do anything until he actually starts shooting people? Good to know!

Naturally, a lot of people thought this kind of nonchalance was INSANE.

Then came the snide comments about the guy’s appearance. Things like, “Exercising his 2nd Amendment rights is the ONLY exercise he gets”.

Come on, people, there’s no need for body shame. Go after him for his Spurs gym shorts instead.

I was asked what I thought of this. Ok…

There is no way that someone happy with their life and with healthy self-esteem pulls a stunt like this.

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The cops answered one comment expressing concern: "We agree. That’s why we’re monitoring the situation”.

I wonder if “monitoring the situation” includes “having a trained sniper keep a bead on his head” because that would be an appropriate measure.

Gun in pants

This kind of jackassery, even if he never technically “breaks the law” makes our society much less safe. The next time an actual active-shooter situation happens in El Paso, I wonder how many people will say,

Well, I knew he looked suspicious but what can you do? He hadn’t broken the law until the shooting started.

If I ALSO had an AR-15 would I ALSO be within my rights to go and follow this doofus around? I don’t and I wouldn’t. I’m just asking rhetorically.

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This is the kind of behavior that SHOULD get somebody put on a red-flag list.  Anybody who goes around cos-playing as an active shooter is demonstrating that they aren’t responsible enough to have this kind of weapon.

Also, all the commenters who are APPLAUDING this guy. That ought to be at least strike one toward having your precious guns confiscated for your own good.

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Grow up, find a better way to channel your frustrations, and get some mental health counseling.  The rest of us aren’t amused.

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