Thanks again to FitFam, another celebrity has sent a video giving a shout to the 9-1-5. Less than two weeks ago, El Pasoans were excited (and also confused) to see when viral sensation the Island Boys sent the city a message through the famous Instagram therealfitfamelpaso. The duo sang about some of the issues in the city and asked for people to bring peace during a wild time in the city. At that time, there were reports of shootings at various bars, high covid numbers, and the Cowboys had just lost.

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Now, there are more crazy things happening in El Paso, horrific car crashes, building fires, vandalism, animal cruelty cases, and other forms of violence. One of the only bright things we've seen lately is the Casa Nissan guys dancing their way into our hearts. Also found thanks to FitFam.

Now, FitFam got former NFL superstar Antonio Brown to send the city a message, asking us the stop wilding out and to calm down. His exact words were for people to:

"Fight less.

Stop shooting.

And Driving Crazy."

But what really got people talking was him telling fans "If you want to see me in Dallas send love." From there, El Pasoans commented on the video giving their opinions on whether or not AB should make his way to Dallas to play for the Cowboys.

Some commenters said no, citing how AB is "too much drama, not needed, and expensive" to hire. One person brought up a good point, asking if he would walk out on the Cowboys, like he did the Buccaneers. No word on whether or not AB is serious about wanting to come to Dallas but it seems it would be big news if he did.

Another important question- is AB someone we should really be taking advice from?



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