Island Boys Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja recorded a short message for the people of El Paso, letting us know 2021 is going to get better. The Instagram account therealfitfamelpaso is known for plenty of things- reuniting lost dogs with their families, bringing up serious issues in the community, having better traffic updates than the news stations, and hilarious memes you just have to share. But just like the rest of us, FitFam knows El Paso has been going through it. There have been shootings at local bars, a surge in new covid cases, and plenty of El Pasoans heartbroken over the Cowboys' loss.

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So the popular social media page decided they'd get something that could cheer us all up, and judging by the response online people are loving it. FitFam posted a video this morning they received from the Island Boys. The two South Florida brothers recorded a short video message where they gave a shout out to the City of the 915 to let us know- it's going to get better:

El Paso, stay positive in 2022.

Because your Island Boys and Girls.

Less corona, more money,

No more shootings on Cincinnati,

The Cowboys will win next year.

Peace out to El Paso.


The duo went viral after their freestyle song "Island Boy" blew up and everybody started feeling like an Island Boy. Since then, the group started making videos on Cameo which cost an impressive $140 for personal use and $600 for business use.

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