I am a huge fan of Netflix's comedy-drama series "On My Block". It debuted in 2018, has four seasons and has a really talented cast.

As huge of a fan as I am of the show, I was really surprised that I recently missed out on seeing one of the shows stars in the area!

Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar in the show, was recently spotted at Matteo's Mexican Food in Las Cruces.

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According to the post, Lil' Spooky stopped by for lunch at the Las Cruces Mexican eatery on the 28th. Which would probably explain why I didn't see him in the photos of his co-star Jessica Marie Garcia's baby shower (as a huge fan, I follow them all on Instagram!).

While it is a bummer that the rest of the crew didn't show up, it seems like it was a nice surprise. No word yet on what Lil' Spooky was doing in the city of crosses but, there have been lots of reports lately of other celebrities spotted in Las Cruces- most recently, Tyrese of the "Fast & the Furious" franchise was spotted there. So it would come as no surprise if Tinoco was in town filming a project.

Matteo's Mexican Food is a great place for Tinoco to have stopped by. The restaurant is award winning and has one of the best agua fresca I've ever tasted, if you go- ask for the Blue Frost agua fresca, trust me, you won't regret it!

El Pasoan's who have yet to experienced Matteo's, I have great news; Matteo's will be opening up an El Paso location very soon! According to their Instagram, you can expect the restaurant to open on February 12th.

It'll be opening at 6450 N. Desert Blvd. and you can keep up with their progress here. Also, if you check out "On My Block" and like it- be on the lookout for the spin-off series "Freeridge"!

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