"The Locksmith," starring Ryan Phillipe and Kate Bosworth has begun filming in Las Cruces. Find out where and how it could affect people's commutes. As the entertainment industry continues to ramp up, we're hearing of more movies coming to New Mexico to start filming. The Land of Enchantment has plenty to offer, cheap labor, wide-open spaces, tax cuts, and a variety of landscapes to choose from so it's no surprise Hollywood has been flocking here.

In the past month, Bruce Willis was here filming his new movie "Knight," while Mel Gibson was seen working on his new project "Hot Seat." There are plenty of other movies in pre-production so you shouldn't be surprised if you see more famous faces walking around Old Mesilla sometime soon.

Another movie that just started production is a new thriller "The Locksmith." According to IMDB, the movie is about "an expert locksmith fresh out of prison tries to get back into the life of his daughter and ex, who is now a detective. He is forced to use his skills, but things soon get complicated after an unexpected kidnapping." The movie stars Ryan Phillipe, Kate Bosworth, Kaylee Bryant, Ving Rhames, and Noel Gugliemi.

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The movie began filming on Monday in Las Cruces and won't end till December 17th. The filming will take place at the intersection of Solano Drive and East Madrid Avenue in Las Cruces and will be closed to traffic at various times. Filming at the intersection will take place November 16h through November 24th, per the Las Cruces Sun-News.

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