If you could pick which "Black Rose" you're more a fan of between Trapt and Volbeat, who would you pick? In 2008 Trapt released their song "Black Rose" but was one of the hidden gems that didn't get much recognition.

Trapt has been on quite the hiatus and no one is sure if they're working on new stuff or just laying low. Usually with Trapt, they will disappear for a little but come back with chart topping hits. But as for Volbeat, they released their "Black Rose" hit in 2016 but has gotten a lot of attention. Of course another plus you also must enjoy is they welcomed Danko Jones to play his guest role in the song. They've been getting a lot of attention on the song that they landed the number one spot on Billboard's Mainstream Rock songs airplay chart. Listen to the songs above on which "Black Rose" you would rather leave on repeat.

Once you finish listening, be sure to take the poll below on your favorite "Black Rose" rocker!

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