El Paso, Texas is where you will see white letters on the mountain that each represent a high school. We all know which high school belongs to each letter on the mountain.

Well, apparently there was another letter that existed on the mountain before my time.

I only knew of a certain amount of letters that are and were once on the mountain. If it wasn't for an old-school photo, I wouldn't have known the letter M existed on the mountain.

Recently, an old photo of the Sun Bowl parade from 1952 surfaced on Reddit that had me stunned. I noticed the letters on the mountain which is what shocked me about the picture.

I have never known about the letter M and don't even think my parents did either.

My parents probably don't remember since they were born five years after 1952.

At first, I thought maybe it stood for Montwood before doing a little research.

Well, the M didn't stand for Montwood since Montwood was built in 1989 and the photo taken was from 1952.

The picture is from the Sun Bowl parade that shows the Cotton queen on her float with the mountain background.

When I saw the picture I couldn't help but feel shocked that another letter existed on the mountain. Plus, even the J looks brighter in the picture than how it has been looking for the past years.

I am not sure what the letter M is meant to stand for and also considered maybe the M is meant for the Miners.

This kind of thing is going to kill me until I finally find out the actual answer.

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