Have you noticed certain letters on the mountain aren't as visible as they used to be? There are a few letters that remain visible on the mountain that have the appropriate upkeep. Then there are some letters that remain unknown since they're now invisible. The letters you can easily spot on the Franklin Mountains are E, A, J, and I. As for the letters that are unseen some of you remember and don't even know at all. The schools that used to have their letters on the Franklin Mountains are Bowie, Burgess, and Cathedral. So the letters you haven't seen in forever would be B, BU, and C. My dad told me about BU (Burgess) which I didn't even know existed on our Franklin Mountains. The last time I remember seeing the letter C was before 2004 and has disappeared over time. A certain high school that has been very pro-active on keeping their letter noticeable would be Austin High School. Austin High School has a group that goes up every so often to maintain their A. El Paso and Irvin High School also continue to keep their letters visible on the Franklin Mountains. Apparently, back in the day, some El Pasoans called our Franklin Mountains the Alphabet Mountains. Let me know below which letter you would love to see fixed!

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