Sorry. That was a sensationalized headline to try and snag views from Trump supporters. Hey, I need the page views.

But, President Obama does seem to have a discernible anti-ketchup bias. The president was on Anthony Bourdain's show this week where he opined that ketchup was an inappropriate condiment choice for hot dogs.

I happen to agree with the president on this. Ketchup on a hot dog is for small children only. I might extend the acceptable age range to 12 just because I have a nine year old who still eats ketchup on her hot dogs. But by the time you reach your teens you need to put the right condiment on your hot dog. Required items include mustard, onions and chili if it's available. Non-required but acceptable items are relish, cheese and sauerkraut.

Other food combinations that should be outlawed after the age of 12

A1 on a Steak:  If you don't like the taste of steak, don't order a steak. If I see anyone of ANY age putting ketchup on any decent cut of steak I consider it animal cruelty toward the poor cow who died to provide it's delicious flesh.

Mustard on French Fries: Who are you, Slingblade?

Ketchup on a Pretzel:  I've never heard of anyone doing this, but don't.

No Trump Supporter Should Put Pre-Shredded Cheese on Anything:
Because, otherwise, how are we going to Make America Grate Again?

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