Since high school, I have enjoyed french fries with different dressings! I have always enjoyed dipping my french fries into a Wendy's chocolate frosty. But there are three kinds of people who eat their french fries with a particular dressing. I have always enjoyed dipping french fries into the ranch dressing. But for places that don't serve ranch is where you make your best concoction. One way to dress your ketchup is by mixing in some hot sauce to make spicy ketchup. Another way you can make your ketchup tasty is by adding some pepper to it. Another rare way to eat your fries is combining ketchup and mayonnaise. Which type of dressing do you prefer to dip your french fries into? The last resort you can rely on to enjoy your fries is with ketchup and pepper. There really is no wrong way to eat french fries unless you're eating them without sauce. I enjoy all of the ways you can mix ketchup to use for your french fries.

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