First it was ketchup on tamales, now it's apparently ketchup on the Thanksgiving turkey. This is the first time I'm ever hearing of this concoction- ketchup on the Thanksgiving turkey. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback apparently has an intense love of ketchup and plans to continue that sordid love affair into Thanksgiving dinner. In an interview with KCSP 610 Sports Radio, Mahomes said:

“Yeah, dude, I mean come on, you got to put ketchup on that, turkey and ham. You know me better than that!”

So, not only is the turkey in danger of being drenched in ketchup, so is the ham! I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, Mahomes has an endorsement with Hunt's Ketchup, which came about after Mahomes admitted his love of ketchup on everything.

Do I like ketchup? Yes, definitely. Do I like turkey? Yup! Do I like them together? I don't think I'm brave enough to even try it. It's Thanksgiving, we all know that gravy is the preferred condiment for turkey- maybe even some cranberry sauce. Although, don't expect Mahomes to be reaching for the cranberry sauce as that is the one thing he won't be reaching for at the dinner table telling the sports hosts: “Nah, no, that’s not for me ... You can keep that one your way." That's where you draw the line Mahomes?

I get it, everyone has different tastes, ketchup and turkey is not for everyone, it's an acquired taste that unfortunately for me, my palate has not acquired. But I guess if you like it, then go for it, as for me, pass me the gravy please.

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