Today is National Hot Dog Day and there are quite a few places to get your hot dogs from. I haven't tried all of the hot dog joints in El Paso but the ones I have tried I've enjoyed.

The place I really enjoyed isn't just about hot dogs they are known for selling things in bulks. There are quite a few places you can order a hot dog from all over El Paso. If you've got a furry friend, then you already know to order your hot dog from Wienerschnitzel since they also hook up your pet. There are still plenty of other choices to choose from on this National Day. I remember my party days with friends and ordering the circular hot dog from Chico's Tacos. Another spot you can purchase your hot dog from is a stand that's off of N. Mesa and Executive. Now the last two places remind me of my high school days since my friends always chose to eat at Sonic or Hot Dog On A Stick. If you're not in the mood to make dinner, then make it a hot dog night on National Hot Dog Day!

Where will you choose to eat your hot dog on National Hot Dog Day in El Paso? Let u know down in the poll below!

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