Nothing More has released a new music video that features a special guest! That special guest happens to be one famous roach, Jacoby Shaddix.

ElevenSeven Music published the music video earlier and has had quite the views since the release. Not only do you need to check out the music video for the music, but also to see Johnny Hawkins shirtless. This music video gives you the inspiration to get up and go beast mode at the gym. The beat of this song is quite catchy and leaves your ear drums wanting more. The message behind this track is powerful because of what the title suggests. "Don't Stop" sounds like a song you would need on the treadmill to keep you going full throttle. Jacoby Shaddix makes his guest appearance about 2 1/2 minutes into the song.

This song will make you turn the volume all the way up and blow your mind...and possibly your ear drums!



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