Emily and I are back on a new episode of "What the Buzz"! The new episode is up on Spotify right now entitled "We are NOT down with the sickness." Emily and I are currently getting over a nasty cold so you'll have to excuse our coughing fits! You guys, I legit thought I was going to have an asthma attack at work! Luckily over the weekend my mother gave me a shot, no not a tequila shot, a good old fashioned shot which completely helped me get a better.

In between coughing fits, Emily and I discuss the new IT movie. You won't get any spoilers from us, especially because Emily hasn't seen it, but we do get into a discussion about kids. The discussion prompted the question: what age is okay to let your kids watch horror movies?

Buzz let his daughter go see IT: Chapter Two with him, and my 12 year old nephew also went to see the movie with us. At the theater I did notice kids who were probably younger than my nephew. Emily and I can't actually remember what age we were when we started watching horror, but we do know that Beetlejuice played a vital role in many of our nightmares. Along with that discussion, we also talk about childhood fears that follow you into adulthood. Emily gives us the top three and some of them get a little philosophical.

Did you have a fear as a child that has followed you into your adult life? Do you have kids? What age do you think is appropriate to let them watch horror movies? Let us know. Emily and I are always open to questions and comments. You can reach us through my Instagram: @Joannabarbacoa. Be sure to check out the new and past episodes of "What the Buzz" on Spotify now!

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