Someone got very creative today on Halloween that involves a storm drain and a red balloon! To The Responsible Party That Tied A Red Balloon In Central This is proof some people take Halloween seriously like costume, pranks, and ideas like this. Apparently, someone is trying to keep IT's spirit alive by tying a red balloon to the drain. What made this photo amusing is how the ground is proof it poured earlier. This picture would have looked like a gloomy scene 100% if it wasn't so sunny up top. I have a special message to the person who pulled this stunt earlier in Manhattan Heights. If you're the responsible party that tied a well-known trademark.... You're a true genius! I kind of look at it as El Paso's Manhattan Heights area dressed their neighborhood up for Halloween. This is the kind of thing you witness that will make you do a double take and then U-turn. Now, I am hoping the person who thought of this scary idea can surprise us next Halloween!

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