IT: Chapter Two is now out in theaters! I went to see it on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, I would like to apologize. If you were at the Cinemark Movie Bistro on Saturday for the 1:30 showing in auditorium 3, I'm so sorry for all the coughing I did!

The nearly three hour film has opened up to pretty decent reviews. Personally, I think it was a great follow-up to the original and a great way to end the story. Don't worry, If you haven't seen it, I'm not going to spoil it for you. Today I'm here to talk about the amazing casting done on the Losers club as adults!

Part of what I enjoyed of the first part of IT was the cast of kids. Those kids were great! When I heard the casting for the adults I thought it was great but, I was also concerned. There were a lot of big names, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader, I was worried that too much of a good thing would be a bad thing. I. WAS. WRONG. Let me tell you how I fell in love with each member of the Losers Club.

Jessica Chastain: 

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Chastain plays older Beverly Marsh. Chastain exudes so much bad-assery that you can't help but fall in love with her, if I had to choose a girl, it would be her.

Isaiah Mustafa:

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Mustafa plays older Mike Hanlon. He's the only one who stays behind in Derry and gathers up all the losers when IT comes back. But also, if he looks familiar, it's because he used to do Old Spice commercials. That's right, the hunk smells good and fights inter-dimensional space clowns!

James Ransone: 

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Ransone plays older Eddie Kaspbrak. 27 years later and Eddie is still a foul-mouthed, quick wit neurotic and a germaphobe. But a pretty good looking one at that. I wouldn't mind having to share an inhaler with him.

Andy Bean: 

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Bean plays older Stanley Uris. Now, if you're familiar with the original mini-series, you know what happens to Stanley. He doesn't fight IT as an older man. While he does have little screen time, the short amount of time makes up for it with a nude scene. Thank you, Andy, for sacrificing yourself to allow the Losers to fight, but also, for that nude scene.

James McAvoy:

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McAvoy plays older Bill Denbrough. He does it so well. I feel like I really don't have to say much about him because, well, just look at him! Those blue eyes, that streak of gray in his hair that makes him look distinguished. Yeah, I just love James McAvoy. He's great in this movie.

Bill Hader: 

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Bill Hader plays older Richie Tozier. Seriously, I don't think any other actor would have been able to play that part. He was probably one of my favorite parts of this movie. He's endearing and hilarious, and that alone is enough to make anyone love him. I really loved him in this movie. He's dubbed the second best heartthrob of IT: Chapter Two!

Jay Ryan: 

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I saved the best for last. Let me introduce you to Jay Ryan aka older Ben Hanscom, you know, the chubby kid in the first one? Ben had the glow up of the entire movie. In between fighting inter-dimensional space clowns and one really disturbing fortune cookie scene, I found myself falling in love with older Ben. He's successful, he's still a sweetheart as he was when he was younger and dammit, he's hot. There's a scene where we get to see his rock hard abs in their full glory. It's a little disturbing because Pennywise is there too, but still. Ben got hot, and good for him! I dub Jay Ryan the OFFICIAL heartthrob of IT: Chapter Two!