I have always been afraid of clowns thanks to this particular character, It! When I was younger my nightmares mostly consisted of Freddy Kreuger and sometimes the creepy clown.

Last year they made a remake of IT that scared me even more than I already am of clowns. There has been a lot of talk going around about making It: Chapter 2 next year and have locked down Bill Skarsgard who will return as Pennywise. In 2017 they did a remake of IT and next year will be working on the sequel. IMDb has the date September 6, 2019, which you can assume is the release date for the sequel. You know every 27 years Pennywise returns to terrorize the town and eat children which means it will be the year 2016 in Chapter 2. The first remake scared me so much I actually had to watch a Disney movie after. The script is not completely done but the filmmakers are ready to get started on this sequel! I am stoked to see what is in store once they do finally release the trailer for this spooky film.

Be sure to keep your ears and eyes open for when the actual trailer is released!

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