A New Mexico law maker is looking to stop state-funded colleges from searching for "Pokemon, leprechauns and the Bogeyman" after a Bigfoot hunt last fall.

The state of New Mexico is known for many oddities. From strange crimes like the robber who lied to police and got away, convenience stores with racist signs all over, to the NMSU students who ran away for reasons still unknown, the state is known for crazy antics and even crazier headlines. This time, it looks like a state-funded New Mexico school is causing a law maker to propose a bill to make it unlawful for public funds to be used to go searching for mythical creatures.

It sounds crazy, but this apparently happened back in October.

KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque, New Mexico uncovered last year that Dr. Christopher Dyer, head of the University of New Mexico- Gallup campus, spent $7,000 worth of taxpayers money on a on-campus Bigfoot conference and then a publicly-funded Bigfoot expedition. Also it is important to mention that no students or other faculty were involved in the Bigfoot hunting expedition, but tax payers still paid the bill for it. This included hotels, mileage, meals, not to mention airfare, more meals and payment for the Bigfoot "experts" that were flown in for the conference. Not to mention even $140 in snowshoes for field trip participants.

And in case you were wondering, when Dr. Dyer was asked about whether or not they were able to see a Bigfoot he replied, “no. But we looked at habitat. We didn’t see it." If that didn't infuriate you enough, when asked about the expedition and whether he believed it was worth the money, his answer was no:

“I’d have to say it was pretty much a blown waste of money because we did not find evidence because of the snow. It was just impossible to get around out there. So in that case, yeah would we spend money on that again? Absolutely not."

Because of this dimwitted adventure, Gallup Senator George Munoz is now sponsoring a bill that will ban public funds from being spent on frivolous adventures such as the Bigfoot expedition. Here's what Sen. Munoz had to say about the bill:

“It’s sad that we have to do this, that they don’t have the ethics, that UNM doesn’t have the ethics to stop this. And now we have to draft bills to stop something that is not morally right."

While the bill is a serious one targeting the ethical use of public funds for students attending school, Sen. Munoz did have some fun choosing various mythical creatures to name in the bill. Read more about this story at KRQE.

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