A convenience store in New Mexico has sparked outrage online over the controversial signs posted in the windows.

A convenience store in Mayhill, New Mexico is making headlines online for signs at the front of the store that people have found "offensive, sick and racist."

The front windows are plastered with signs varying from making fun of the Clintons or Obamas, supporting the KKK, supporting law enforcement and others asking for immigrants to go back to their country.

Marlon McWilliams is a former worker at the store but says some of the signs have been there for years.

“It's been here a long time….He sells those signs to people who come through and stop and read them....They're offensive to me from time to time, but you know that's my opinion. That's the way I feel.”

The store is currently for sale but no one has bought it. Th police also said there is no investigation into the signs at the store because no one has filed a complaint.

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