Two Las Cruces teens, both NMSU students, who were reported missing may have been found alive and in the Los Angeles area.

UPDATE: The Las Cruces Police Department have informed the media that two NMSU students who haven't been seen since Friday may have left the Borderland willingly and now are in California. After investigations by the Las Cruces Police, New Mexico State University Police, El Paso Police and New Mexico State Police they no longer believe the girls are endangered, although law enforcement is still looking to contact both for welfare checks.

We will update you as soon as more information is released.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Las Cruces Police Department are looking for any information on two missing teens, 18 year-old McKinnah Sinclair and her roommate, 19 year-old Charlie Daniels. Sinclair and Daniels were both last seen Friday night in El Paso at the El Paso County Coliseum for the Rare El Paso show.

McKinnah Sinclair posted about the show on Facebook, and according to the social media site pictures were posted from the event on Saturday at 2:06 p.m in Las Cruces. It can not be confirmed that the post was put up in Las Cruces.  Family members have told authorities that Sinclair posted on the Snapchat app in the early hours of Saturday morning from Juarez. The girls have not been seen or heard of since then. Both of their phones are off and go to voicemail.

Here's is what a Facebook post allegedly from McKinnah's mother said:

"This is my daughter McKinnah Sinclair and her roommate Charlie Daniels. They both having been missing since this post below Saturday at 3 pm. Both of their phone have been off since Saturday. They now have missing person case open. They were last personal seen at a concert in El Paso, TX. Friends had seen on Saturday a snap chat of them in Juarez but since that no contact from either of them and phones have been off. Please share and contact police if you have seen them. Thank you"

The Las Cruces Police Department and El Paso Police Department are looking for any information that can lead to finding the young women. McKinnah Sinclair is 5 feet-2 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds. She was last seen wearing the clothes in the photo above. Charlie Daniels is 5-feet 3-inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. She was wearing the outfit in the photo above. The two women drove to the El Paso concert in Daniels' red 2012 Ford Focus, New Mexico license plate 533-TAC.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the women, please contact the Las Cruces or El Paso Police Department.

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