Albuquerque police responded to a "suspicious person" and met their suspect face to face. Then he talked his way out and got away. And it was all caught on camera.

Police officers in Albuquerque, NM were responding to a call of a "suspicious person" in the middle of the night in a suburban neighborhood.

Back in September, two officers were sent to a home near Ventana Ranch in Northwest Albuquerque. Neighbors called after the police after seeing two people lurking around the neighborhood looking into cars.

As the officers approached the home, a man walked out from inside the garage of the home. The officer spoke with the man:

“We got a call because it looked like somebody was going through your things. Is this your vehicle? Is anybody else in the house?”

The suspect told officers that his dad was inside the house and that the cop's flashlights woke him up. The officers even had him look inside the vehicle to see if anything was taken. When he was asked to show identification, he told officers he had to go inside of the house to get it.

He went into the house and never came back.

After a few minutes the real owners of the house came out and police told them they were speaking to his son. The owner told him his son was inside asleep. Officers then discovered that the man they had been talking to was their suspect, and not a member of the household. The suspect was able to escape out of the back of the house and was able to steal a purse. After the police left the scene later that night, the suspect came back and stole a vehicle from the house.

According to KRQE, the police are now looking for the public's help to identify the suspect. The suspect is also wanted for questioning in other burglaries in the area.

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