A hilarious billboard near the New Mexico - Colorado state line is cracking people up!

A McDonalds billboard in Raton, New Mexico, makes reference to Colorados legalization of recreational marijuana use. Or to New Mexico's failure to legalize it. Or both, I'm not really sure. The billboard, see a picture here, shows a McDonalds breakfast burrito with this caption:

“Usually when you roll something this good, it’s illegal".

A story at sacbee.com says that the billboard "appears to tap into the marijuana-legalization debate, particularly with its placement along the New Mexico-Colorado state line, The article also added that "New Mexico has not legalized recreational marijuana, while Colorado was among the first states to do so." - KRQE

Regardless of their political motivations, the billboard ... and possibly the nearby, legal mota ... has lots of folks giggling.  Including me, "I'm lovin' it!!"