Over the years, the El Paso Downtown Street Festival has produced some great shows on the Budweiser main stage.

I'd be hard pressed to try and name my all time favorite Street Fests but, my top 3 picks for the craziest ones come pretty easy.

  • Vince Neil. Most performers take care of bathroom business well before showtime.  Vince however, waited 'til the last possible moment before hopping off, and ducking kinda underneath, the stage to do his thing. # 3 crazies Street Fest moment, #1 most disgusting Street Fest moment.
  • Theory Of A Deadman. The same year their single "Hurricane" broke, we had a mini one during the bands rehearsal. Out of a clear, blue sky, we suddenly had thunder, some rain and a crazy little mini-tornado. It blew right down Santa Fe street, shaking the stage up pretty good and actually blowing one side support out of line. That set us back a little, as far as getting things safe and stable again, but the show went on!
  • Rob Zombie. For once, Rob wasn't the weird and freaky part of his show!  A few songs in, some lady went bat sh** crazy and dove over the fence around the sound crew. She yanked cables out of the master board and basically disabled the whole show. Staff and security got her out pretty quick but, putting all that stuff back in place and rechecking it all took FOREVER.

All while poor Rob just paced on stage making WTF gestures with his hands as the crowd stood there doing pretty much the same thing. Ultimately, the crew untangled it all and Rob picked up right where he left off!