On Sunday, the Texas National Guard was in El Paso to disinfect a nursing home that saw a spike in COVID-19 cases. There was a surge in cases in the 79902 zip code and it seemed to be centered around the Mountain View Health and Rehabilitation nursing facility, which is located at 1600 Murchison.

Management at Mountain View Health and Rehabilitation admitted they had positive cases pop up at their facility, saying:

We have had persons associated with our facility test positive for Covid-19.

They added:

We are working closely with the local heath authority to determine the full spread of the outbreak.

The number of cases in the 79902 zip code shot up dramatically on May 13th, going from just 18 cases to 114 by Sunday.

Earlier this month Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that the National Guard would be used throughout the state to disinfect nursing homes that have spikes in cases of COVID-19.

You can always keep up to date with the numbers here in El Paso by checking KLAQ.com. Emily does a great job of breaking down the numbers and presenting in an easily digestible format. You can see her latest article with the latest numbers by CLICKING HERE.

Of course, you do also need to take some of the numbers with a grain of salt because we are testing more people now. The more people you test, the more positives you are going to see. That's just common sense. Although, I'm not sure 'common' is the right word because there still seems to be a lot of people who don't quite understand that.

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